Cryptium Referral Program





Before connecting your wallet, please read the Terms of Services as you will need to accept them before you proceed.

How it works:
  1. Connect your metamask and select the correct wallet that you're using on Ethereum network.
  2. Click the green button to get your referral url & share it with your contacts.
  3. When a referred person registers their wallet on this portal and purchases Cryptium, either on uniswap or from our OTC service, the referring individual will earn 3% of the buying volume, and they will receive an additional 1% bonus as well. The 3% and 1% will only be valid 30 days from the date of the buy transaction. The token you will receive will be a Cryptium Temporary Token or CRPTO, which will become tradeable once the fully functional Cryptium token in available in Q3 of 2021.
Terms of Services